In the spring of 2019 was our guesthouse through a local tender „VP 6- L9,2.1,-5 -3 - 17 Gazdaságfejlesztés a Vidék Minősége jegyében“ (engl. VP 6- L9,2.1,-5 -3 - 17 Economic development for rural quality) inside completely renovated.
In order to modernise our accomodation facilities all our rooms and apartments are now air-contitioned, that ensures a high level of comfort  for our guests especially during the hot summer months. Our returning guests particularly appreciated the pleasant climate on the hot summer days. The new air-conditioning appliances fulfilled every wish of our guests at their highest satisfaction.
To achieve a harmonious uniform image, our guesthouse was refurnished based on the style of our cottege in Hegykő.
Furthermore, the through the tender financed flat screen televisions, the energy efficient kettles, the cooling devices and a microwave positioned in the public room increase the comfort of our guests as well.
As a result of the renovation our guesthouse was accepted as a member by „Alpokalja Fertő-táj Vidékfejlesztési Egyesület Vidék Minősége” (engl. Association for rural development in the Eastern Alps and the region of lake Neusiedl) as a certified tourist accomodation.